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Craigslea Kindergarten offers a play based curriculum where children learn in social contexts, as they engage actively with peers, adults, resources and materials. Our Educators use nationally the approved Curriculum, The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines,  Early Years Learning Framework and The C&K Listening and Learning Together Curriculum Approach. 


Program Goals

We aim to make our kindy a happy and secure environment in which children learn to:

    •    Develop good relationships with other children and adults.

    •    Develop a positive self-image and self-confidence.

    •    Work within a group, and be a group member.

    •    Make choices, decisions, solve problems and think creatively.

    •    Develop control, co-ordination and flexibility of body movement.

And to have fun!


The centre to which you choose to send your child, is important. A child’s earlier years are the most impressionable. This is the period where communication skills are gained, they learn to work with other children, learn to express themselves, solve problems, develop necessary physical skills, and build an appreciation of the world around them.

Centre Operation

Craigslea Kindergarten is a single unit centre offering a 5 day fortnight, with Wednesday being the shared day. Hours for both groups are strictly from 8:45am to 2:50pm. We stress the importance of adhering to the hours to give staff maximum preparation time for the program. Your child's arrival and departure must be recorded on the Centre's iPads. All other visitors must sign the visitors book at the entrance of the centre.

The Kindergarten Program is available to children who turn 4 by 30th June of the year they attend the centre. Maximum enrolment for each group is 22.

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